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1-What is the difference between a custom suit/shirt form The Boss Avenue and one I can buy at

   When you buy a suit or a shirt at retail, remember you are always buying “off the rack” and designed to fit a wide
   range of shapes and sizes. It is very unlikely that you will find a garment that fits you perfectly. A custom suit from
   The Boss Avenue accents your best features while fitting perfectly to your unique body shape. We also offer
   additional features: * Hand picked buttons and linings

   For custom suits
       * Working button holes on sleeves
       * Inside arm shields
       * Ticket pockets
       * Additional internal pockets
       * Hand cut and rolled collar

   For custom shirts
       -  Hand-cut, hand turned collars
       -  Monograms
       -  Generous tails
       -  Over twelve collar style to choose from (We can even duplicate your favorite shirt)

   And we have service for Online Custom Tailors, that you can shopping on our website like a shopping in our shop.

2-How much does it cost?

   Suits run from us $ (130) to $(350). We have vast range of different top quality fabrics to choose from. Shirts run
   from us $(30) to $(60). We also have various of luxury shirting fabrics to choose from.

3-Is it possible to be alterated (free of charge) if I lose weight or gain weight?

Of course yes we provide a free alteration service for the old clients  that have suits from The Boss Avenue.
   And we also keep an extra allowance all around so you can very easily alter it when you gain weight.

4-Can you duplicate the style and cut of my favorite suit or shirt?

   Yes, we can copy any style or cut that you desire and fit you well. You also can send us styles (as a picture or real product) for us to copy. Once we’re taken your measurements we can
   remake your favorite suit or shirt to fit you even better.

5-What is the turnaround time to be at The Boss Avenue?

   It takes (2) to (5) working days to complete an order provided all the information required has been provided and
   a week to transport.   (5) to (8) days for transit.

6-How should I know that The Boss Avenue is perfect to choose for me?

   Please read what previous customers have to say about the service and the clothing they have received for The
   Boss Avenue.

7-Do I have to worry about shrinkage?

   No, all our fabrics are pre-shrunk. Although there is always a residual shrinkage of 2-3%, we allow for this shrinkage
   when we make your clothes.

8-How do I trust that cloth is genuine?

   A good question! Many less reputable tailors sell fake fabrics. The Boss Avenue jully guarantees that the cloth we
   sell is all genuine. We urge you to contact the mill representatives we buy from for verification of our commitment
   to quality.

9-What are the shipping and handling charges?

    Price of all products listed on our suit are inclusive of all shipping and handling charges.

10-Does The Boss Avenue takes all the responsibility and guarantee of their product?

    We stand by our products and offer a 100% guarantee on all of our suits and shirts.

What will happen if the clothes do not fit?

 1- Please take the measurement according to our measure guide. We shall take this measurement guide to complete in the clothes and fit you 95% - 100% of the order. We still garmented that the clothes fit you much better Then the off the rack shirt or suit. For the copy suit we guarantee fitting for100% but please send us the non stretch suit shirt or pant.

2- You could send the clothes to us for modification by pining the exist fabric or by  Putting some mark for
    the modification or provide us with the correct measurement.

3-  If the mistake is done by our side and customer still wants the garments we will compensate 20% of
     from total amount. You could have done the correction in your  home country tailor.

 4- All the purchase online Incase of refund will be compensate base on the subject of each case (Exclude
     shipping, Sale vat& other taxes) (Guaranteed for refund)  

After we received the parches product from customer.  

What will happen if I do not like the fabric or color?

1-   Please make sure your pc screen resolution is 1280 by 800 and brightness must be  above 85%.

2-   We guaranteed for the color 100 to (95% will be the same and 5% could be different  sometime due to
      the different pc.

   For the fabric we have describe  on the fabric what kind of fabric and what kind of  design  stripe, plain or
      with self design and  more accurate  color and design for the  fabric please go on web
there you will see exact design and the color.

   For the fabric you could order small cutting if you would like to fell the fabric and want  to sure about the
      color. postage for sample fabric shipping is free from our side and you could order total 10 different fabrics
      sample from any either suit or shirt fabric.

What will happen if I do not like the workmanship?

1-   For the workmanship of suit shirt and pant, we have describe on web as FINISHED  PRODUCT   all about the
      workmanship which we always provide to our customer and if you would like to have something different
      such as no lining in the pant, no pining in  the jacket, no monogram and act, Then please select no lining in
      the pant and no piping on the jacket while you customizing your pant, jacket or shirt.  

 Why the suit and shirt with mark some time?

     All yours garment are custom made to order and while we cut your garment according  to your size we have
     to put chock mark. Do not worry for the chock mark   we do  special QC before we send garment to the
     customer. We clean all the chock mark and  we cut all the extra threat around the stitching as well as on the
     button hole. But some time you could still see the chock mark especially on the monogram this is because we
     have not wash yours garments that’s why is still there less or more some time but it will goes away after one
     wash. Strongly suggest to wash or dry-cleaning   before you use the garments.

 IS my personal info is secure?

     Yes all yours personal information are secure and we do not share with any parties.

      When you do online parches we will have only your some information

1-     E mail address

2-     Home address to post the garments 

3-    We are using Microsoft Database and all this information stored in the data base  folder with high
 security lock. 

4-    From our pay pal account we will received your some information the  customer  name, pay pal e- mail
 address and the payment will come to our  pay pal e mail  account.

5-     After you do online payment incase if some things wrong please contact the pay  pal.
www.paypal.com because  all the information you give us, while you  shopping  online by using your
   visa card or master card information is going  through to pay   pal.

     6-     For the extra or less payment please contact us info@boss-avenue.com

Can I measure myself?

 1-  For the body measurement please have measured by helping someone.

      And measure according to the measured guide.

 2-  For the finished product you could measure yourself.

 Why you are cheaper then the other?

      The Boss Avenue is a distributor for Tailored made garments all  over the world with the
      low price and good work. 

       We do whole sale and retail for Tailor Garments

       We use our own factory to create the Garments 

       We also accept the order for standard Europeans sizes

       And could made garments with yours own Logo or own Brand

Can you do cheaper for the big quantity?

        Definitely the garment price will be a lot cheaper when you place big quantity.

 Do you keep our garment sizes?

        Yes, we keep your body measurement and after the suit shirt and pant are ready we measured the finished
        product and save all the body measurement and finished  product measurement

 Do I have to send again my measurement? 

          IF you are our repeat customer you do not need to send the measurement again we have save all your
          body measurement as well as the finished measurement

 What Should I do if the old measurement does not fit me anymore?

         You could provide us the new measurement or you could correct the measurement by comparing with old
         measurement where you want to the changes large/small or short or long and we will compare again with
         the old measurement and will work out
         according to the changes as you have provided us.